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NUM-DIZ: Network University Medicine: Second funding phase

The Medical Data Integration Center in Münster (MeDIC) is part of the University Medicine Network (NUM). In the NUM, all 36 German university hospitals are conducting large interdisciplinary research projects together for the first time. The network started in 2020 to coordinate COVID-19 research of all university hospitals. In the future, the NUM will research other diseases and involve as many partners as possible from medical science, healthcare and society. The NUM is particularly concerned with clinical research, the results of which support directly patient care. One focus is on the joint collection and use of complex medical research data. To this end, the network has set up research infrastructures that help better prepare the German healthcare system for future pandamics and crises. The NUM is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Project’s website

Contact: Dr. Michael Storck, Dr. Tobias Brix

Principal investigator: Univ.-Prof. Julian Varghese


Project number: 01KX2121