Study module

The “study module” is an integrated module in the hospital information system “ORBIS” of the University Hospital Münster (UKM) which supports the identification of potential study subjects. For that matter nightly queries are executed and patients that feature defined criteria are added to a special work list. From there a user can jump directly to the patients record to conclude whether the patient is eligible to the study. In this way, a large number of patients can be presorted without having to check every single patient record manually.
The study module emerged from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research funded project KISRek. To date, more than 80 studies have been supported or still are supported at the UKM.

Queries can be done over all data (structured or free text) that are documented in ORBIS. An automatic search for information in PDF-documents is not possible.
If you are employed at UKM and want to support a study with the study module, feel free to contact us.

Contact: Dr. Tobias.Brix