Study patient management in ORBIS

At the Medical Data Integration Center (MeDIC) an ORBIS module was developed, which enables principal investigators at the university hospital to register study participants directly in ORBIS and to mark them for other clinicians. This process offers both clinicians and patients advantages as well as increased safety in health care and research.

Advantages from the patient’s perspective:

  • Other clinicians at the university hospital are informed that a patient is currently participating in a study. Hospital admissions due to side effects of study medication can be recognized more quickly and treated correctly.

Advantages from the clinician’s perspective:

  • Other clinicians at the university hospital can inform the principal investigators about a current hospital admission of study participants and thus support them in complying with the legal reporting obligations for serious adverse events.
  • The structured recording of studies and their participants enables study evaluations to be automated. For example, ORBIS Data extraction of study participants can be used to extract laboratory values or other medical characteristics for analysis.
  • As part of the registration process in ORBIS, an automated pseudonymization and randomization is offered. Thus, smaller studies, i.e. not AMG or MPG, can be managed directly in ORBIS without forcing the clinician to use additional external software applications.

More than 10 clinics and thus over a quarter of all UKM clinics, are already actively involved in the documentation of their study participants and take advantage of the study patient administration in ORBIS. If you or your clinic are interested in administering your studies directly in ORBIS, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to advise you and demonstrate the ORBIS module.

Contact MeDIC:

Contact: Dr. Tobias Brix