Research and teaching

ACRIBIS-Advancing Cardiovascular Risk Identification with Structured Clinical Documentation and Biosignal Derived Phenotypes Synthesis

In cooperation with the Clinic of Cardiology II, the MeDIC Münster has established a joint platform for the integration of structured clinical data and biosignal data for better scientific analysis, especially 12-lead ECG data of patients. The structured recording of anamnesis or patient data is stored in the hospital information system ORBIS of the Dedalus Healthcare Group. In the hospital information system, the Clinic for Cardiology II works together with the IT department of the University Hospital Münster in order to introduce a cross-site harmonized, structured cardiovascular anamnesis. The scientific use of patient data is based on the MII Broad Consent, which has already been technically implemented at our location.

Further information

Contact: Dr. Tobias Brix

Principal investigator: Univ.-Prof. Julian Varghese


Project number: 01ZZ2317N