In a pandemic situation, data, information and knowledge must be exchanged, analyzed and distributed as quickly as possible. This requires comprehensive infrastructures to ensure cross-institutional and nationwide collaboration. For effective use, these infrastructures should be easy to adapt to new requirements and situations, provide users with rapid access, and keep installation and operating costs within reasonable limits. This guarantees the necessary flexibility and responsiveness in acute crisis situations requiring rapid action.

CODEX+ builds on the research infrastructure already created in the NUM project CODEX (Collaborative Data Exchange and Usage) and develops it further. Among other things, organizational and technical solutions from already completed NUM projects will be integrated into this structure and continued. This refers in particular to results from the projects B-FAST (Nationwide Research Network “Applied Surveillance and Testing), CEOsys (Building a COVID-19 evidence ecosystem to improve knowledge management and translation) and COMPASS (Coordination on mobile pandemic apps best practice and solution sharing).

Project number: 01KX2121